Scénarios d'application des vérins électriques

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Medical technology

Medical technology exists in hospitals that put in place mechanical gantries to move the equipment around and control motion with remote controls. For example, a gantry system can be used to move an MRI machine with the push of a button in the medical industry, actuators are used to control mechanical systems like surgical tools or manipulators. This makes it possible for surgeons to perform more precise motions. Medical devices also use electronic actuators to perform tasks like opening and closing valves.



Automotive actuators control the movements that occur in cars. They can also control other components inside a vehicle, like automated steering wheels and seat adjustments. There are also various types of actuators that are used in vehicles to control the movement of wheels.


Commercial uses

Out of all of the uses of linear actuators in automobiles, the most common automated feature is powered tailgates. From luxury SUVs to ordinary vans, every new model has added a self-opening and closing tailgate as they are extremely convenient. These tailgates will often make use of a proximity sensor or remote control to allow for hands-free opening and closing of your tailgate. make use of linear actuators and other motors, including retractable seats and mini table.

More luxurious vehicles will also use linear actuators to have self-opening and closing side doors that are controlled by a push of a button. Sports cars can also use linear actuators in retractable spoilers and air-brakes for both style and function. While convertibles use linear actuators in conjunction with other motors to automate the opening and closing of hardtops. Automated features are not just for luxury and family vehicles though, they are also used in pickup trucks to provide convenience and functionality. New trucks may come with automated tailgates that make use of linear actuators to open and close them, while aftermarket tonneau cover lifts and automated retractable tonneau covers allow you to both cover and have easy access to the bed of the pickup.


DIY projects

Using linear actuators, you can accomplish a wide range of do it yourself vehicle automation projects:

Self-Opening & Closing Engine Hood

Self-Opening & Closing Tailgate

Automated Side Doors

Automated Tonneau Cover Lift

Self-retracting Tonneau Cover



It is the heart of every vehicle that makes motion possible so actuators in car engines are essential for the operation of the whole system. Typically, an automotive actuator installed within an engine performs a controlling function. Thus, such actuators are responsible for an engine’s idle control, for power take-off operations (especially in high-performance vehicles), as well as controlling air flaps for torque and power optimization. Engine linear actuators are instrumental in fuel control, helping to meter fuel for optimal combustion. They are also responsible for checking fresh air supply and exhaust gas recirculation, both of which are related to pollutant discharges of the car.


Vehicle auxiliaries and accessories

Linear actuators are extensively used not only in classic passenger cars but in vehicles such as trucks and RVs also:

Automating truck beds, tonneau covers, and tailgates.

Hitching and unhitching trailers.

Installing wheelchair lifts and doors in an RV.

Unfurling the awning that can be attached to the side of an RV and raised to provide protection from the direct sun rays or rain. The height of the awning can also be adjusted via leveraging actuators.

Streamlining the motion of sliding elements of the RV interior, such as floor and storage doors or hatches.

Operating a flip-down TV. Actuators can help with moving the TV from their hidden position as well as rotating it to adjust its viewing angle.

Satellite dish tuning. Traveling in an RV, you can face the problem of an interrupted satellite signal that can be caused by poor reception and inadequate tuning. Actuators can be used to manipulate the dish position and orientation, enabling smooth and effortless tuning of it.



Robotics as a field of science translates into many wider applications. These include medicine, manufacturing, security, space exploration for research, military and recreational uses.

Actuators in robotics help to control movement and create precise actions. Some robotic applications include medical technology, such as surgery robots, to perform delicate operations inside the body.



A wide range of construction equipment uses actuators. Construction equipment includes a variety of tools that help make building and construction faster and more efficient.

Construction equipment can also perform various tasks, such as excavating, grading, piling, driving, lifting, and moving materials. Actuators work with all these machines to create an efficient workflow.


Food processing

Application of actuator in food processing equipment, such as blenders, presses, slicers, and graters. These actuators help control the different processes in food processing using servos and help create a safe, sanitary environment in food production.In addition, food and beverages, medical equipment, semiconductors, and some other applications also require strict flushing protocols. The electric actuator is corrosion-resistant and has a smooth design, with almost no gaps where bacteria or dirt may accumulate.


Window automation

Manufacturing facilities and other large-scale indoor operations use heavy-duty ventilation systems, but in some cases, natural ventilation is also desirable, especially to help control indoor temperature. Electric linear actuators can easily open and close heavy and/or tall windows remotely.


Agricultural machinery

Although heavy equipment and accessories are usually hydraulically driven, electric actuators can be installed on machines that are in direct contact with food or require fine movement. Examples include combine harvesters that thresh and transport grain, spreaders with adjustable nozzles, and even tractors.


Solar panel operation

For optimal operation, the solar panels must be tilted to face the sun directly as it moves through the sky. Electric actuators enable commercial facilities and utilities to efficiently and consistently control large solar farms.


Cutting equipment

Factories that manufacture carpets or printing equipment may use electric actuators to raise and lower the cutting blades.


Valve operation

Many types of processing plants are equipped with valves to control the flow of raw materials and finished products throughout the facility.


Home automation systems

With home automation systems becoming popular, electric linear actuators have become useful in the function of automated window shades. Home appliances like TV can be placed at optimum height without hassle using TV lifts that make use of linear electric actuators. There are also table lifts which use actuators to adjust the height to the needs of users.


Electric sofa

The linear actuator can give full play to the comfort performance in the use of the electric sofa. The electric sofa completes the corresponding work through the electric linear actuator and the motor. When the person lies down and rests, it can stretch before lying down, from head to toe, each part of the bearing the force, evenly acting on the rested person's body, can effectively massage the tired body, promote blood circulation, be beneficial to health, and at the same time increase comfort. Moreover, the pedal part can be ejected from the bottom of the sofa, which is a monolithic design with no gaps.


Actuated blinds

This solution adds a touch of luxury to any home. Blinds that can be adjusted with the push of a button are quite practical. The linear actuator can be combined with indoor light sensors to open and close the blinds as needed.


TV lifts

With a TV lift, your TV screen can be hidden away when you are not watching. With a push of a button, your TV screen can pop up from inside a cabinet. Another push of a button will retract it back in the cabinet. Alternatively, you can hide the TV screen on the ceiling and make it drop with a remote control unit.


Standing desks

Home offices are very common now. People have recognized the benefits of working while standing. A standing desk is a perfect solution to shift between sitting and standing positions during a working day. With a push of a button, the height of the desktop can be adjusted as preferred.

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